Everything You Need to Know About Maid Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Maid Insurance

Singapore employs at least 250,000 maids; the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) needs all employers to acquire maid

insurance for their employees. Even though maid insurance is required, this is not as often publicised as vehicle insurance. Many organisations hire their employees through an organisation that may have collaborated with insurance firms to provide the appropriate benefits.

As a result, not all employers are aware of the coverage provided by their maid insurance plans or what precisely a maid insurance policy covers. To help you answer this issue, get the best comprehensive guide to maid insurance in Singapore.

What does a mandatory (FDW) Foreign Domestic Worker Insurance plan have to cover?

In Singapore, each employer is required by MOM to obtain Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance (PAI), as well as a safety guarantee for the helper:

  • Health coverage with a minimum annual covering of $15,000 for hospitalization and day treatment
  • PAI with a yearly sum guarantee of at least $60,000
  • For non-Malaysian assistants, a $5,000 security bond is required.

Most foreign domestic assistant insurance coverage in Singapore would cover the above needs because they are mandatory. There are 14-month and 26-month maid health plans available. 

Because most companies recruit domestic helpers on a two-year contract, purchasing a 26-month package can still save them a minimum of 30% of their annual costs.

In Singapore, how much critical illness cover do I need?

Beyond the bare minimums, not every maid insurance firm provides the same advantages and prices differently. Most insurers usually cover clinical and administrative expenditures. The following are also some of the advantages of a standard maid insurance plan:

  • Costs of repatriation are covered.
  • Medical and dental insurance are included.
  • Personal liability insurance is provided.
  • Surgical charges are covered.

Additional benefits may be available from some insurance, such as:

  • Compensation for lost wages
  • Liability to a third party
  • Thievery

We’ve subdivided each one of the advantages & health insurance to assist you to comprehend the packages.

Expenses for the maid’s hospitalization and surgery

In the event of an accident or illness, maid insurance policies must cover hospitalization costs and medical expenditures, including day surgery prices. Pre-hospitalization medical consultations & diagnostic services, and post-hospitalization follow-up therapies may be covered under certain policies.

However, your household helper’s medical insurance plan may not cover all types of diseases or injuries, or certain health issues and pre-existing diseases or broken bones may be excluded. 

As a result, it’s a good idea to inquire about the domestic helper’s medical records before hiring her. Employment agencies may require maids to disclose any pre-existing health problems so that their employers are aware of them.

Here’s a rundown of what medical insurance often excludes:

  • Addiction to alcohol or drugs
  • Psychiatric disorders
  • Treatment for STDs
  • Dental hygiene is important regularly
  • Pre-existing ailments
  • Contraception
  • Nursing assistance
  • Braces and prosthetics are two of the most common types of braces.
  • Expectant motherhood 
  • Cosmetic surgery

Companies are not authorized to let the FDWs compensate with their own hospital costs or bear most of the cost to sustain their FDWs, other than the requirements listed above. MOM advises businesses to get plans with higher coverage levels to safeguard themselves from costly medical expenditures.

How to get personal accident insurance?

As per the Ministry of Manpower, PAI insurance of at least $60,000 each year is required. This payment will be provided if the helper is permanently disabled or dies due to the accident. Some insurance plans may well cover dental care or Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapies for an accident injury.

Alternatives to (Domestic Assistance) Hiring a substitute helper has some advantages.

Some online maid insurance Singapore will pay you a monthly amount to employ a substitution or alternative aid if your assistant is hospitalized due to a back injury or illness. The duration and quantity of the daily allotment vary by policy.

Compensation and Relief for Wages

Some insurance can reimburse you for your maid’s pay if she cannot perform and is hospitalized due to a back injury or illness. Because getting very sick is the very last idea your domestic workers assistant wants, the coverage will compensate a portion of her wages while she recuperates.

Critical Illness Cover 

If you require expatriating the maid since she may no longer be working due to permanent infirmity, several maid insurance plans will give a financial reimbursement. If she dies as a result of an injury or sickness, the cost of her burial or the cremation in Singapore, as well as the transport of her body and ashes back to her native country, will be paid. Without this protection, the procedure can be quite costly, costing hundreds of dollars.

Third-Party Liability of the maid inadvertently causes injury to others

Bad days can strike anyone, even your domestic assistant, who may have inadvertently caused physical harm or any property damage to others. Even though it was an accident, the employer is normally responsible for the damages. 

Some plans will cover the legal liabilities resulting from your assistant’s negligence while on the job. The quantity of coverage varies depending on the policy. For example, a good policy covers up to $20,000 in damages.

Personal belongings of maids in the event of loss or damage

In today’s world, almost everyone, including our domestic assistants, has a smartphone. They may communicate with their family, who reside thousands of miles away due to such mobile devices. 

Many maid insurance packages go a step further and cover your FDW’s personal possessions as well. These complaints could be compensated anything from $300 to $500 for the damage or loss of personal belongings due to covered incidents.

Replacement of the Maid if forced to replace the helper for any unexpected reason

Due to unforeseen circumstances such as untimely death or significant incapacity, an employer may be required to support their household helper. 

However, some insurance plans will cover the cost of finding you a new helper through FDW services. It’s important to remember that the agreement can only be dissolved for significant grounds.